Nature was, and it is still too often regarded as something merely material that resides outside of Culture. As if it were an absolute, immutable and guaranteed fact… Nature in our perception translates too often only into a reality against which the physical culture is defined. Nature is reduced to a mere stage surrounding the city, the suburban areas or any town in the world where we, humans, play our affairs.
We cater to nature only when we photograph it, we frame it in a postcard to show off the last trip, we post it on Facebook as if it were a temporary accessory to exhibit… a pair of earrings or a belt which then ends up in a drawer when we no longer need it.. Nature, in reality, is strictly part of Human Culture and it’s closely dependent to it.

Radio Yacht Lunare Project wants to do something more for Nature. Not only with the choice of Internet providers and server factories that contribute to CO2 Emission Offset but now also launching EcoChic Culture.

EcoChic wants to raise awareness in our community… and spread the concept of social sustainability.
For decades we have talked about environmental sustainability mostly in regards of Governments, Countries and Industries choices…. giving too often space to the “macro” but without, however, considering the importance of the “micro”… the local, the community, the group of friends, co-workers, family members and, ultimately, the individual itself who can truly make the difference.

We need to integrate in our daily routine the awareness of Nature’s fragility. Nature is Culture and Culture will decide the fate of Nature. Sustainability must become not only the backbone of our actions, but mostly of our social interactions!



Social and natural Sustainability

EcoChic – Lunare Project believes in the following sustainable principles:

  • Equity of access to basic services
  • Fairnessbetween generations
  • Enhancement of the concept of diversity and respect of the diverse
  • Demolition of objects and statuses ostentation (= Kitsch!) in favour of emotional and aesthetic interactions between individuals (= Chic!)
  • Mutual Respect: I respect you and your sustainable choices – you respect me and my sustainable choices
  • Understanding the fundamental point that respecting nature means respecting ourselves and our Culture
  • Environmental awareness = know and understand the consequences on Nature of our daily actions
  • Self-assignment of weekly, monthly or yearly tasks based on voluntary work to improve area of ​​residence (cleaning up of beaches and parks, organization of meetings for awareness etc …)


EcoChic exchanges. On our Facebook Page and On Air during “Lunare di Persona” members of our community can swap thoughts, goals and above all… ideas and strategies to protect Nature and spread the EcoChic Culture