Sunset Live

From 18:00 to 20:00 from October to May


On the beginning of October, beaches resorts “close” and summer is felt like closed, while……on the beginning of October fitting work of “music coast” start. One month for organising the bay: places, voile, hammocks, desk bar, console, direct control, paths, candles, wood scales painting that bring to the beach.

The reception available for welcoming everyone with space for accessories and winter thinking that cannot reach the beach.

We will use only natural materials, no tree will be cut down and extra accessories will come only from recover items.

The architecture of the place will focus on natural shape of the coast respecting nature and ambient and so every ritual of moon cocktail will be able to benefit of beautiful of nature reaching it. There is not “beautiful ambient”…if we don’t defend the ambient, there is no music if we don’t respect the others. The entry will be able only on list and it’s necessary to have the same above points of view. For the accreditation no obligation and no transfer of money are necessary because the beautiful belong to everyone.


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Ready to start new summer season. From the end of October Music coast will open. The sunset interpreted like begin of new day. During change of season, remind to leave costume, beach towel and thongs outside…

We’ll hear you there…