Sunset Live

On Air from October until May. 6-8PM.

In the Northern hemisphere, the month of October usually sees beaches and resorts closing their doors while Summer keeps fading away… Not with us. Our staff works hard throughout October each year to prepare the bay and the beach for a winter-lasting Summer! Hammocks, Bali huts, bars, candle lit footpaths and everything needed to admire the Sunset together and to party under the Moonlight until late.

We only use natural materials, no trees are cut down and extra accessories only come from reclaimed items.

The resorts natural architectural elements reflect the surrounding coastal environment, respecting native scenery and nature. 

There is no money available to use amongst our resort. Our luxury is made of natural beauty and spontaneity, your smile and respect for Earth and fellow humans will be the most valuable currency.


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So… are you ready to join our never-ending Summer and to celebrate Sunset together every night?