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Luna e l’altra

Lunare guest: Miluna.

An evolved and sophisticated dj set: fashion in the console. A perfect mix of delicacy and grace.The elegance, the shape and the rigor of the style. An authentic expression of perfect beauty for special occasions. Miluna: daughter of a Russian father and an English mother. She has always lived in contact with the music: the mother teaches the piano, the father teaches saxophone while his sister plays the violin. Since she was a child she has immediately showed a great flair for music so that her family decided to enroll her at the Academy at the age of six. She graduated at the age of eleven, since then she has loved the piano and she has been playing the piano and flute. Over the years, thanks to her interpretative skills and her charisma she has taken up a top-model career allowing her to travel all around the world, but she has not reduced her passion for music.

World mix.