Lunare Project: it is, first of all, a state of mind, turning, then, into a lifestyle, a point of view embracing reflexes and reflexions and promoting alternative music rites and experiences through an unceasing research carried out by comparing people’s feelings and moods. A call straight from the moon, a trip over your very own soul, a souvenir from the future. A rhythm which celebrates life and people and honours the earth. “Une etiquette” mixing shapes and tastes inside one aesthetic attitude just for a refined, but warming circle. A supportive élite, an inner treasure exploited to benefit music, for every context to fit in with each other and to get rid of all inhibitions.An input of your own beauty inside a shared dream. A sound designed with voluntary contributions in order to celebrate summertime, even across the winter. It’s all about an inclusive spirit as levity and beauty are nobody’s prerogatives.

Lunare Project’s music is the perfect background for happy hours, dinners or sunset boat parties. It is very appropriate as warm up at the dance floor. Its sophisticate mood makes it appreciated by a very broad (transversal) range of people and therefore very suited to professional and business environments. Both end point and starting point of people who have been working with music over the years, identifying, selecting and suggesting new styles and convergences from several fields and backgrounds. The initiator of this project is Roberto Barone, standing at the deck since he was a very young boy, having many national radio experiences as well as a lot of leading local radio projects. And today, all these results, translate into an unique format with a glam successful sound: Radio Yacht. Which goes live with Lunare Project dj sets.


The Skippers

Lunare Project’ selectors opened some lives, including Diane Schuur, Sarah Jane Morris, Giorgio Moroder, Craig David, Cerrone, Tuck & Patty, Gerardo Frisina, Soul 2 Soul, Ministry of Sound, Incognito, Dionne Warwick, Andrea Oliva (Ushuaia Ibiza), Tortured Soul, José Padilla, Stephane Pompougnac, Guy Gerber, Miguel Campbell, Eric kupper, Sandy Rivera, Defected party.

The emotional story of a magical border desecrated just by the music beat, the only star of the world’s greatest clubs by the sea. Just in the same way as, under a sky full of dreams, the warm wind brings the sound of the boats in the roadsteads towards the darkest and most unexplored shoreline. This is the outcome of years spent in listening, comparing, sailing and exploring emotions which find, now, a new definite but floating room: the music shore. It is a house of worship and faith for all the people finding their way through the life thanks to the music, among design, beauty and nature, mixed and remixed at the deck with salt air, that everything starts from. Do you want a drink?

We’re making you feel the stars.